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Give this Broccoli Rabe twist on Pesto a try… Ingredients: 1 bunch Broccoli Rabe…tough lower stems removed 1/2 cup Pistachios… toasted 3/4 cup grated  Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese… plus more for  garnish Kosher Salt 1/4 cup part-skim  Ricotta Cheese 1/2 pound  Orecchiette Pasta Olive oil… for  finishing (optional) Directions:

Many of us are doing Meatless Monday and coming up with something delicious can sometimes be a challenge. Martha Stewart has a great Pasta recipe that’s quick…easy…and delicious!  🙂 Ingredients: 1 box Gemelli or other short pasta 12 oz. Sugar Snap Peas… stem ends removed 1- 10 oz. package Frozen Peas 2 tbsp. Butter 2 tbsp. […]

Why order a Pizza when you can make this amazing Pizza at home?! Bold flavors of garlic…crushed red pepper… lemon make this a family favorite 😉 We’ve also used cooked sliced Italian Sausage in place of the Chicken…YUM!! Ingredients: 1 store bought Pizza Dough…reg or whole wheat 12 oz. boneless.. skinless Chicken Breast.. trimmed 4 tbsp. extra-virgin […]

Most of us think of New York style Cheesecake when we talk cheesecake….. But this is a whole new experience to cheesecake. Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed… Honey Ricotta Cheesecake   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time 120 mins Total time 2 hours 30 mins   Author: Four Season Gourmet Serves: […]

Nothing is easier to make than these 😉 Ingredients: 1/4 cup Ricotta 1/4 cup Mascarpone 1/4 cup Confectioners’ Sugar Mini Chocolate Chips Orange Zest Cinnamon Large Waffle Cookies Directions: Use an electric mixer to beat together…Ricotta…Mascarpone and Sugar until smooth. Spread Mixture onto Waffle cookies. Sprinkle with Cinnamon…Orange Zest and Chocolate Chips. Dust with Confectioners’ […]

I love Cannoli…but I don’t have a lot of luck making Cannoli shells. 🙁 When I came across this recipe…I gave it a try..and YUM..they are amazing 🙂 Ingredients: To make Cups: 1- pkge. refrigerated Pie Crusts 3 tbsp. coarse Sugar 1 tsp. Cinnamon To make Filling: 12 oz. whole milk Ricotta cheese 8 oz. Mascarpone 1/2 […]

Figs are everywhere now… Give this tasty appetizer a try 😉 Sweet Figs are split… filled with creamy ricotta cheese…. drizzled with golden honey…delicious!! Ingredients: 8 dried Figs…cut in half lengthwise 1/4 cup unsalted shelled Pistachios 1/4 cup Ricotta Cheese 1 tbsp.Honey Salt to taste Directions:

Adding Ricotta to the mix makes these Blueberry Pancakes Moist & Fluffy!! Ingredients: 2 cups Water 1/3 cup Sugar 1/3 cup Honey 1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract 2 cups Pancake and Waffle mix 1 cup whole milk Ricotta cheese 2/3 cup frozen Blueberries Melted butter Directions:

This savory Pizza is perfect with a glass of your favorite Wine 😉 A great bite to share with visiting friends & family! Ingredients: 12 oz. refrigerated fresh Pizza Dough 1 or 2 links Italian Sausage 1 cup thinly sliced Fennel bulb 1 tbsp. Olive Oil 1/3 cup Ricotta 1 tsp. minced fresh Garlic 1/3 cup thinly sliced Red […]

A Delicious twist on a Classic…add Spinach to your Ricotta filling to make your Manicotti amazing!! Sauce Ingredients: 2 Cloves Garlic, Peeled & Minced 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 3 Cups Chopped Tomatoes 3 Tablespoons Chopped fresh Basil Salt & Pepper Filling Ingredients: 3 Cups Ricotta Cheese 1 Cup Cooked Spinach, Cooked, Squeezed Dry & Chopped […]