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This Cinnamon French Toast Bake is the so yummy!!! Ingredients: 1/4 cup Butter…melted 2 cans refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls…with icing 😉 6 large Eggs 1/2 cup heavy Cream 2 tsps. Cinnamon 2 tsps. Vanilla 1 cup Pecans…chopped 1 cup Maple Syrup Directions:

Who doesn’t love yummy Breakfasts?! This one is perfect for this busy holiday week 😉 Assemble it the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning!! Ingredients: 1 cup Dark Brown Sugar 1/2 cup Butter 2 tbsp. Water 3 Fresh Pears or canned Pears..sliced…drain canned Pears 4 cups French Bread or Challah.. cut […]

French Toast gets a tasty twist with the addition of Bananas & Pecans over Croissants! Give this spectacular breakfast a try 🙂 Ingredients: 4 large Eggs 1 cup Heavy Cream 1 tsp. ground Cinnamon 8 tbsp. Butter… divided 8 large Croissants… halved 1/2 cup Dark Corn Syrup 1/2 cup firmly packed Brown Sugar 1 cup Maple […]

Maple glazed Apples on top of warm, delicious French Toast….A little bite of heaven …yummy 🙂 Ingredients: 1 cup Milk 1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract Ground Cinnamon 6 slices Bread 2 tbsp. Butter 3 Apples…. peeled and sliced 2 tbsp. Water 1/2 cup Maple Syrup 6 Eggs Directions:

This is a scrumptious make-ahead breakfast casserole that’s so easy to prepare, it should be illegal. Leave it plain as the recipe dictates, or throw in blueberries or apple chunks to give it a little more dimension. This recipe is for 12 servings… FOR THE FRENCH TOAST: 1 loaf Crusty Sourdough Or French Bread 8 […]

This savory breakfast treat is definitely worth the overnight wait.  Taking a crazy spin on traditional French Toast… this recipe yields a drool-worthy outcome.  Soaked with brown sugar, apple jelly, and freshly sliced apples… this French Toast recipe will soon become a family favorite. How absolutely scrumptious does this sound?! To view this amazing recipe…just […]

This is a French Toast that will get you jump started in the morning. It’s absolutely Yummy !! And the kids will love it too. Strawberry-Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

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