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This Shrimp dish is perfect for your Christmas Eve dinner! Ingredients: 1 lb. Penne pasta 1/4 cup Olive Oil 1 lb. medium Shrimp… peeled…deveined 4 cloves Garlic… minced 1/2 tsp. Kosher Salt… plus extra for seasoning 1/2 tsp. Black Pepper… plus extra for seasoning 1- 15 oz. can Whole Tomatoes.. drained.. roughly chopped 1/2 cup  fresh Basil […]

Mix yourself up a fabulous drink!! Ingredients:      Ice     2 oz. Brandy     2 oz. Crème de Cacao     1  tbsp. Whipping Cream     1  tbsp. Chocolate Syrup    Chocolate shavings Directions:

Crispy Shallots add yummy texture to these awesome  Garlic Mashed Potatoes 🙂 Ingredients: 6 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes…peeled and quartered 4 Garlic cloves..peeled…left whole 2 cups Canola Oil 6 large Shallots.. thinly sliced ..about 1 1/2 cups 1 cup Half-and-Half or Cream 1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) Unsalted Butter Kosher Salt Directions:

This S’Mores-like Martini will bring a smile to your face. 🙂 Ingredients: 1 oz. Dark Crème de Cacao 1/2 oz. Vanilla Vodka 1/2 oz. Smirnoff  Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka 1/2 oz. Heavy Cream Marshmallow Fluff or Chocolate Syrup..for rim Graham Cracker Crumbs… for rim Large Toasted Marshmallow.. for garnish Directions:

All I can say about this pie is YUMMY!!!! 🙂 Ingredients : 1 box Pillsbury® refrigerated Pie Crusts, softened as directed on box 2/3 cup Hot Fudge Topping 1 8 oz. Cream Cheese… softened 1 cup Powdered Sugar 1 pint (2 cups) Strawberries, quartered 1/2  cup Strawberry Pie Glaze 1/2  cup heavy Cream…whipped 😉 Directions:

Thanksgiving & Green Bean Casserole seem to go hand in hand. I wanted to kick it up a notch this year so I went searching for a yummy recipe…and here it is 😉 Haricots Verts are a thinner version of the Green Beans we all know & love…if you can’t find them…use thin baby Green Beans! […]

We always Roast…Steam or Bake Brussels Sprouts… Why not Creamed?! They are so Delicious and so easy to prepare! 😉 Ingredients: 3 tbsp. Butter 2 small Shallots… finely chopped 4 cloves Garlic…finely chopped 2 pounds Brussels Sprouts… trimmed and thinly sliced ¾ cup Chicken or Vegetable Stock 1 cup  Heavy Cream ¼ tsp. Sugar Salt […]

A perfect combination of Sweet Potato, Cream & seasonal spices…this dish is destined to be a favorite!! Ingredients: 2 cups Heavy Cream 1 1/4 teaspoons Ground Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon Ground Cloves 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated Nutmeg 4 medium Sweet Potatoes, peeled and sliced 1/8 inch thick on a mandolin Kosher salt and freshly ground black […]

This simple Classic Pasta dish is so delicious you’ll add it to your list of favorite recipes 🙂 For a little kick…add more Red Pepper Flakes 😉 One 28-ounce can Crushed Tomatoes with their liquid 1 pound Penne  cooked Al Dente 1/4 cup extra-virgin Olive Oil 10 cloves Garlic finely minced Crushed Red Pepper Flakes 1/4 […]

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