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This is an amazingly flavorful slow cooker recipe…a little more prep than usual…but it is so worth  the extra prep! Secret is in marinating the meat overnight 😉

This Slow Cooker Savory Barley Beef Soup is so delicious! This quick & easy recipe freezes perfectly for a hearty meal later….Add a loaf of Crusty Bread and you have a yummy meal! We add a few shakes of hot sauce to take the flavor up a notch 🙂 Ingredients:  1 lb.  Beef Stew Meat….cut into smaller pieces […]

Cozy up to a slow cooker meal that takes pot roast to new heights. With ingredients including Burgundy wine and smoky bacon….yum… Why not stir in root vegetables like butternut squash or parsnips to make this one-dish dinner even tastier? Thanks to BHG for this delicious recipe…. Burgundy Beef Stew

Another Monday is upon us along with our hectic schedules. Why not let dinner cook all day and be ready and waiting when you get home? This dish looks yummy…why not give it a try? Slow Cooker Country French Beef Stew Thank you Betty Crocker 🙂