Cookie Baking 101

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We’re doing a lot of baking this time of year…most of it Cookies ūüôā

There’s always something to be learned…I found¬†a great article about The Science of Baking Cookies.

The full article is on Fine Cooking….Here’s some of it ūüėČ

Beyond Ingredients:

A number of key elements can affect the way your cookies bake……

  • Mixing: ¬†Mixing develops gluten in the dough, giving cookies a chewy consistency. Beware of over mixing, which can turn chewy into tough, especially in dough that contains less than 50 percent fat by weight. Fat inhibits gluten development, so high-fat dough doesn’t have the same toughening problem.
  • Shaping: ¬†Round dough balls take longer to bake, resulting in softer, thicker cookies. Flattening the balls yields thinner, crisper cookies.
  • Spacing: ¬†High-fat dough or cookies baked at low temperatures spread more during baking and need about 2 inches between them. High-flour cookies or those that bake for a shorter time need only an inch of space between them.
  • Time and Temperature: ¬†These work together in baking. A low temperature and longer baking time yields crisper, thinner cookies; a higher temperature and shorter baking time makes softer, thicker cookies.
  • Equipment: ¬†Ovens can vary, so for accurate temperatures, check yours with a thermometer. For even heating, use heavy-gauge aluminum baking sheets, and line the pans with parchment to minimize hot spots, prevent sticking, and speed cleanup.
  • Oven position: ¬†For best results, bake a single sheet of cookies on the center rack. If baking more than one sheet, set racks in the upper and lower thirds of the oven and rotate sheets from top to bottom and back to front once during baking. This advice applies to convection baking as well.
  • Cooling: ¬†Cool cookies completely before storing, or trapped steam can turn them from crisp to soggy.

Follow the link below to read the rest of this interesting article.

Cookie Baking 101

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