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Ah..Gravy…up there with the dreaded Pie Crust right?! Not to worry.. Epicurious has some fabulous on 🙂 Maximizing the Juices In many cases, the potential juices end up burned on the bottom of the roasting pan, but there are several easy steps to prevent this from happening. Start with a roasting pan that’s as […]

After a lifetime of Thanksgiving dinners…we all know how quickly the day flies by.. Epicurious has some great tips you should know… Dirty Deed #1: Wash the Turkey “If you wash the turkey, you’re unknowingly spraying microscopic raw turkey juices all over the sink and kitchen,the only way to kill the bacteria is by cooking […]

It’s hard enough to shop these days 🙁 Labels..Labels..Labels…sigh… Use by.. Sell by.. Expires by…what does any of it mean?! I found a great article on that may help 😉 This Article only applies to unopened food!! •  Best if used by and use-by date: With emphasis on the best qualifier in this term, […]

Getting ready to bake some pies for the Holidays? If you’re like me…sweat is now forming on your brow! Deep breath…put the refrigerated Pie Crust back and read on 😉 I found a great article from Cooking Light…. Dough looks perfect in the pie pan and then into the oven it goes…and suddenly…sigh 🙁 The problem: […]

I love using Flavor infused Olive Oil..especially this time of the year! They just add that little something extra to your recipes & dressings. They are so expensive which makes you think twice before you use them. I started making my own and the sky’s the limit! If you ‘d like to give it a […]

Are your Cookbooks full of worn, dog eared corners? Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a great idea! 😉 These “Placeholders” fit over the corner of the page making your favorite recipe easy to find. They couldn’t be easier to make….

We love Chili…and it doesn’t seem so difficult right? Add everything to your Crock Pot..set the time…and let it cook 😉 This article has some good info…here’s an over view on how to make the perfect Chili 🙂 Types of Meat The Beef on Beef Brown for Flavor Real Chiles, Not Powder Beans Spices Stock […]

Tired of cleaning your cooktop of splattered Bacon grease? Here’s a tip for perfect bacon every time…bake it in the oven 🙂 1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. 2. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. This ensures the bacon doesn’t get stuck to the pan and it also makes clean up […]

Has this ever happened to you? You taste that delicious soup and it tastes like a Salt shaker?! Sigh…what to do?! Give this tip a try to save your dish from the trash  😉

We have bought every gadget and gizmo to separate the Whites from the Yolks. 🙁 Leave it to Martha Stewart to figure out something this easy using a utensil we all have in our kitchen.  Gently crack an egg over a slotted spoon set atop a bowl.  The white will flow through the openings, leaving the […]