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Is your Spice cabinet like your Pantry…the land of the lost? I opened my Spice cabinet and began pulling out jars that I had no idea I had… When did I buy this? Is it still good? So off to Google I went and found some info… Ground Spices     2 to 3 years Whole Spices       3 […]

At this time of year…my Crock Pot never leaves my counter. 😉 Soups…Stews..Chili…comfort food at it’s best. Many of you may be new to the world od Slow Cooking…I found a great article at Bon Appetit on what not to do. Here are some important points…. 1) Don’t use Lean cuts of Meat: Lean meat cooked for […]

I love the aroma of cinnamon 🙂 Cinnamon has been used since ancient times to help with digestion and a teaspoon has more antioxidants than half a cup of blueberries. The sweet and warm taste of cinnamon is a perfect spice to use during the winter months. I found a great article showing the health benefits of using […]

◾In many areas, fennel is available year-round; however, its peak season is October through April. ◾Look for crisp, clean bulbs without brown spots or blemishes. The wispy fronds on top should be bright green and fresh looking. ◾Once home, refrigerate fennel, tightly wrapped, for up to 5 days.

Cutting with a dull or crooked knife is not only frustrating. But it is also dangerous! You should hone your knife each and every time you are going to use it. Maintaining your knife’s edge is super important. Watch this short clip of Gordon Ramsey, and learn from a pro…

For those of you that are new to using a Slow Cooker… Here’s a video with some great tips for newbies 🙂

      We’re doing a lot of baking this time of year…most of it Cookies 🙂 There’s always something to be learned…I found a great article about The Science of Baking Cookies. The full article is on Fine Cooking….Here’s some of it 😉 Beyond Ingredients: A number of key elements can affect the way your […]

Here is a short video on how to Safely cut up a whole chicken. Cutting up the chicken yourself will save you money. And who doesn’t want to save money these days….You also get two uses from one bird. Thanks to Melissa Clark and the NY Times.

Once again, you’re the first to have cleaned your plate. You sit, hands on your stomach, moaning and groaning about how full you feel. If this sounds familiar, then chances are you’re no stranger to the effects of indigestion following a good-sized feast. Four in 10 adults suffer from indigestion, which is most often brought […]

Gooey..Lumpy..Mashed Potatoes…yuck… It’s happened to all of us…read on for some great tips.. Tip 1: Pick the right potato. There are plenty of different kinds of potatoes out there, but all fall into three categories: waxy, starchy and all-purpose. When you’re talking mashed potatoes, select either a starchy potato (like a russet) or an all-purpose […]